Sundays have always been the highlight of the week for the girls and I. For one thing, we get to hang out with Jeff - We usually think of something fun to do all together...even in the winter time. We do normal things like movies and popcorn or games at my parents - and we do things not quite so normal, like the indoor water park or a trip to the mall (they have an awesome play area for kids). But ever since it has warmed up enough to hang out together out doors, we have welcomed the new activities with gusto. So far we have done lots of biking and walking. We also went to Irvine park... the park with monkeys, tigers and bears. :) 
(Lots of pictures coming up...these were taken on my trusty phone)
Jeff or I would usually end up carrying the 3 year old's bike when she got tired out....  we looked something like this:
So he made a bike handle that looks like this:
(We can take it off or put it on quickly and easily; AND it works great! Madison can rest her legs on the go! Everybody's happy.)
Looking through the fence at Irvine Park. ^^^
Below: Kenzie hiding her smile. :)
Well, I really should stop posting pictures of Sundays .... I have too many! :)

I am enjoying this weather, that is for sure! We got a few huge rain storms in the last couple of days. Loving the rain here but am praying for the ones who went through that devastating tornado in Oklahoma. :(
Last week, I went to the little country greenhouse and bought flowers.  I want to go back sometime to buy peppers and tomato plants...but for now I will just enjoy the flowers. I think they are bringing the humming birds to our front porch... and I am happy about that....I just need to fill their feeder. :)
One of Kenzie's fat fuzzy cats  enjoying a nap.

Bye until later! Have a happy Tuesday!

05/21/2013 08:35

Hey, you have a new blog!! I'm excited! And it looks like such a fun day... Family days together are the best - those days when it's just being together, making memories! I love your love for your family!

05/21/2013 08:35

Jennie, I love reading your posts! You are a good mom. :) Have a beautiful day!! :) ~Dorcas

05/21/2013 10:20

Looks like lots of fun! Your flowers are so pretty... and as always i loved looking at pictures of your cute little family! :)

04/14/2014 13:25

Thanks for a great read.


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