School is going so good this year. Madison is older and enjoys it so much better than last year. We have been doing art projects like crazy. In fact, we have art (creative kid mess) pretty much every day. We make everything from exciting volcanoes to just plain ol' cards with markers and stickers. :) One of the their favorite art projects so far, is this gooey stuff pictured below. 
Ooblek, slime, gak, or goo. Whatever you want to call it, kids think this stuff is fun to make and fun to play with! It's not quite like play dough, not quite like silly puddy. It has a texture all it's own. I just searched until I found a recipe online. Ingredients are BORAX, GLUE, WATER, and food coloring. Try it! :)

In other news we had a wonderful weekend in MO. with friends. There was a beautiful wedding to attend and then we just kicked back and RELAXED in a condo in Branson. It was just what this family of four needed. :) The kids got along so well, and us adults just laughed until we almost cried. I haven't done that in forever. Michelle and I got a little shopping done and a pedicure too. That's always nice. 
  Seriously, for those of you that don't know Michelle: I have NEVER met a sweeter person. I am so blessed to have her for a friend. She is so fun to be with and to talk to. Love her!
  A funny, little crazy man in the salon, took this picture of us. :)
  Shawn and Kenzie getting their groove on.
  They played none stop from the minute they would wake up to the minute we put them back in their beds.

  I can't believe summer is pretty much over and I made my 1st ice coffees with the Keurig just last week. They were A-MAZING! I shall just enjoy them, despite the cooler weather.
Well, I really do need to bring this to the end here. I still got three more pies to make. So far I have made 1 apple crumb pie, 2 peanut butter, 2 coconut cream, and 2 pumpkin pies. Go me! Actually, Crazy me! But they are for a 'thing' .... a 'fertilizer thing'. If you show up tomorrow, you get a free hat that says Quality Soil Nutrition. ;) And if you can look as hot as Jeff does in it, I suggest you do show up. haha.

Not bad, for a Certified Crop Adviser. :)

09/18/2013 16:56

that goo stuff looks so fun- I know my girls would love it. I'll have to give it a try! Glad to hear school is going well.. It really makes all the difference when the kids are enjoying it.

I looked at the pic of you at the spa for several seconds.. So pretty! That color looks great on you!

Hope all your pies turned out good.. Wish I could sample one ;)) have fun tomorrow!

09/18/2013 17:02

You're amazing... all those pies! Jennie, you make me blush. I'm so thankful I have a friend like you! I love that picture of kenzie and shawn. It really shows the tons of fun they had together :) love you, my friend!


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