Yesterday. So busy. So hectic.

School. Art. Lunch for kids, lunch for men. Eye appointment. Errands. Piano practice. Laundry. As the day grew longer, so did my list. :) I was very pleased when Kenzie vacuumed the car out for me and I could [mentally] cross that off my list.

But finally, 7 o'clock! The kids were bathed and combed. I had told them (and Regina, Jeff's D.S. aunt) that they could watch Laura Ingalls wilder movies and I would pop them popcorn. They were happy and I got a few things done downstairs while the movie started.

Towards the end of this particular story on LIW, it was talking of little Carrie and how she had a dream about heaven. She even saw Jack (their dog of long ago) up there.

I'm not sure if this story was still very much impressed on Madison's mind, but after the girls were tucked in and I was heading to my room...Madison calls out. "PRAY I GO TO HEAVEN." I called something back like, You can, as long as you have Jesus in your heart! "OK, I WILL KEEP JESUS IN MY HEART" she replied.

This coming from the girl that scratched a bright pink line across Kenzie's nose? And it is not uncommon to hear the word HATE (such as, 'I hate you') come out of her mouth. My heart melted and I stepped back into her room.

Shall we pray that Jesus lives in all our hearts? Madison nodded and grinned. So we did. We prayed that Jesus lives in Daddy, Mommy, Kenzie, and even little Madison's heart.

And then like Madison does, she added her favorite Aunt 'Betsy' to the list. [Betsy is a name of endearment for Elizabeth that only her nieces lovingly call her]

And then after we were all done, she looked at me and said, "Mom, All the people". So we closed our eyes again and prayed that 'all the people' that we know and love would have Jesus in their hearts.

I KNOW that this is just what it is: a story of a kid and the cute things kids do and say. But it impressed on me the LOVE of a child. Seriously their forgiveness is phenomenal. The passion. The wanting to let 'all the people' in on the very best of what they have. The trust. The belief... no doubts, just faith in JESUS.
In this, I want to be like a child.

But now,
Time to get back to hectic! The kids were already building cereal box houses this morning and spilling apple juice. :)

And I'm pretty sure the bread dough is a major flop. I ran out of flour and so i added rolled oats and coconut flour. Sigh.

Cheers to a happy, hectic Tuesday!


09/10/2013 09:40

sweet sweet sweet... I love stories like this!!!!


09/10/2013 12:14

Aww love this! A child's faith is so beautiful!

09/10/2013 20:18

You are such a good mom!

09/11/2013 08:26

I love this! I think God gives us children so that we stop and remember the really precious things of life! At least, for me! :)


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