Well, seriously, I CANNOT sleep. And this is especially serious, since I will be getting up in literally 2 hours. Yes, I am driving (with my bro and sis) to MO to a wedding. Call me crazy. Jeff and the girls are NOT going. (I am helping my bro with the photography.) Please pray for me--- the driving/ the photography (thanking God for my bro).

Really, just pray about anything and everything! .If you got a quick minute. :)

'Cause, I need prayer in more ways than 1! Jeff and I are going thro some tough things. (Not with each other, Thank God!) Just a bit discouraged with stuff...wanting to hear God's direction...confused.

You've all been there, this I know!
Life is not perfect. I know this too. It's just sometimes too hard, or harder than I want it to be.. But thank God for friends that lift us up in prayer. :) And that Jesus is there interceding.

I read this tonight: http://www.proverbs31.org/devotions/dented-and-damaged-2013-05/#.UZ74LfxuLUI.facebook   
 I cried. You should read it too.
It was just so perfect for me tonight. So thankful God loves me.

And you know what....I'll be a little honest here....since it is so late and all. :) Someone from church told me tonight that I should be a proverbs 31 wife. I took it like a slap in the face. I thought i WAS! No wonder I can't sleep, right?. It hurt.

Truth hurts, i'm sure you are thinking. :) Well, it did. This person said more things...things we are processing still.... And with God's help make us better people for HIM.

But, I am trying my best. At least Jeff loves me, proverbs 31 or not.

And I can always try harder.

In other news--- since i'm still so wide awake! I spring cleaned my bedroom today. (I really should have been packing, since I STILL have to do that yet!) Oh, the stuff I found under the bed!! :)
See the 'J'? My dad cut the book into the letter J. I am SO pleased. :)
It feels good to have a clean room! :)

I better go pack now, huh??

05/24/2013 04:06

Sending a hug your way n prayers heavenward! Praying God shows you a clear path to take n that things look brighter in the near future! Hope your traveling is going well. Seriously i love the 'J' book idea! Proverbs 31 woman? Yes, You definately are!! :) love you...

05/24/2013 04:47

Love, hugs and prayers!! I know all about the hard times, struggling, wondering, seeming to not hear anything from God. Praying that He shows you his love and direction in clear ways.

As for the snappy lady, don't believe her! I think there are many ways to be that Prov 31 woman. We don't all have to be this prim and proper looking good housewife up on a pedestal to be virtuous. Be your own person in living it out. If you and Jeff are happy, ignore this other person. Reflect your heart and people will see Prov 31. You are living it out, in your own beautiful way!!

05/24/2013 05:39

Oh, I really know what it's like to be at a place like that! It's usually turns out to be a growing time, but it can be painful......praying for you!!! (((hugs)))

05/24/2013 06:04

I was just thinking about the Proverbs 31 lady and NOT getting it. How can someone stay up late and get up early and still want to work hard all day? I guess there must be people out there that have it all together, but not here. :(
The FB Chorus was here last night and one thought that stuck out to me (hoping this some how encourages you) is that a lot of the Old Testament men - Joseph, David, etc - went thru some tough times. There were times where it wasn't obvious at all that God was working in their lives, but God is always shaping us and moving us on our journey even when we don't feel it.
I hope you and Jeff find answers soon to your questions.

Audrey R
05/24/2013 06:31

Ugh, so sorry about the Proverbs 31 comment. Is anyone really, truly as perfect as that Proverbs 31 woman?!

I hope you have a good time with your brother and sister, traveling and at the wedding.

And the hard stuff you're dealing with? I think we should get together and talk! When are you coming to OH?!

05/24/2013 06:57

oh my goodness, no WONDER you can't sleep!! it is so hard for me to understand how people can be so free to give such cutting comments.... i've received some of those too, and it makes you feel sliced apart at the core!! it is so hard to get through those kinds of words. so so hurtful! i pray that through it all you would be able to know what GOD thinks of you, and hear His words of delight and affirmation... and on top of other hard things - wow. much sweet grace to you!!

and your bedroom is beautiful!! i LOVE the grey. wow. that is just so lovely!

Naomi Peachey
05/24/2013 18:03

Love your bedroom! I hate that bumper sticker that says, Life is good. I think it should say, Life is hard but God is good. That Proverbs 31 chapter is over rated. It's a great chapter but before you tell some else to be a Proverbs 31 women you better make sure you're living it. God is more concerned about your heart being right and your attitude then if you are a proverbs woman. What I know about you Jennie you are living the Proverbs31. You just hang in there and God will show you the way. You have a heart for God and that pleases Him.


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