I suppose we have all written a journal... sometime or other in our life. Maybe as a teen we would write to sort our thoughts. Maybe as a mother we would scratch down things in a baby book or on paper so we wouldn't forget the cute things are child did or said. I would even say scrapbooking is a kind of a journal.
Perhaps that is why some of us blog. We like to write, we like to keep record of certain things and certain dates.

I am/was in a blogging funk. For an half a year or more I did not know why I blog. Could not even think what to write. What was the point of writing, of sharing. It all kind of depressed me.

And in my case, I did not even know WHERE to write. Yes, I have a blog here AND also on Xanga. So I find myself hopping back and fourth writing a little here and a little there. Confusing? A little.

Yesterday I was reading a little from those writings/blogs of the past...and I realized again why it's SO good to record. I forget SO EASILY those good things. In the busy-ness of life, and in the harder more stressful times we forget that EVERY day has blessings. Small things and sometimes even BIG things happen to us in the middle of the day...things to take note of and be ever so thankful for in our hearts.

When I was 'back' reading, I was like -
OH yeah, that DID happen, didn't it? And WOW... my girls have changed so much. And the kitchen used to be that color? And so on and so on! :) And then I KNEW that I wanted to 'journal' again and record life. Sometimes the good comes with the bad...such is life. But I want to look back and REMEMBER. I want to live fully and write about it... thus making a way to help me remember!

So here is to my journaling! I am not a 'professional blogger' and sometimes I can hardly get my thoughts out on paper and formed into words...but with God's grace I will try to record the blessings that He has given me...the things (and people) that He has meant for me to enjoy.

05/11/2013 09:09

So glad that you are going to start again! I always enjoy hearing about your life. I am not a blogger but I do love to keep up with my friends that do blog! Miss you!

05/13/2013 16:20

Hi anna! so good to hear from you. :)

05/11/2013 09:50

So glad you are writing again! Love keeping up with my friends this way!

05/11/2013 18:29

I love it when you blog! :)

05/11/2013 18:52

I love this, Jennie, and identify a lot! Both with not really writing and then recently reading my old posts and thinking how much I need to do it again. It really is such a great way to remember the little detail, and connect memories with pictures. It's crazy how .much. you forget when you don't write it somewhere! I'm glad you're writing again. I always love to hear from you.

05/13/2013 16:21

MISS you Christy.

05/12/2013 10:27

I always love to read what you write it makes me feel a little connected to you. I don't journal like I use to. When I do read my past writings I see how much I have grown or how things have chanced.

05/13/2013 16:22

Naomi... would be awesome to see you again. :)


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