It's funny that I used to think that I could handle 5 or 6 kids at once, no problem. In fact I figured a whole day care to manage would be easy peasy. Goodness, I taught a room full of 1st and 2nd graders and didn't even stress about it. At the end of the day I could shop, play volley ball, or stay up all hours of the night talking to my boy friend; and I would STILL be good to go in the morning! Snacks? got it. Recess? no problem. Art? So fun.

It's funny because now with only two kids, my first thoughts this morning before I dragged myself out of bed were "I'm exhausted"! :) I looked in the mirror and saw these blood shot eyes staring back. Have day had not even started.
It's funny that Jeff doesn't think he's so great in the kitchen. But look at those teddy bear pancakes. Totally his own idea for the girls. :) And the other morning, he made such GOOD scrambled eggs, better than the ones I whip up. Yup, gotta say he rocks that kitchen whether he thinks so or not.

It's funny hearing the kids with their make believe games. The other day they were talking in funny, sing-song voices with accents. When I asked, Kenzie said they were from France...or like she said it, 'FRO-nce'.

Well, turns out I gotta go... when all is too quiet my kids notice and then come bug me in my office (on my bed) by climbing on me or next to me and yelling in my ear. :)

09/26/2013 16:18

let me say, teaching school is nothing like parenting! not that there aren't challenges, but it's not responsibility 24/7! and they don't send 2 or 3 year olds to school, either!

i wake up most days exhausted... fortunately, i do get SOME energy throughout the day!

hope you wake up refreshed tomorrow!

09/26/2013 16:29

It is funny how expectations are nothing like the real thing. The parenting thing was suppose to be easy because we had all the answers. Now... no answers. :)

09/27/2013 07:13

This is a fun post. And so, so true. It's just a big job, all around. And since quitting is not an option, we keep soldiering on. Have a sweet, easy day, ok?


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