Here is my little 1st grader. She is great. :) Homeschooling is going ok. One thing tho' that is tough for me (to help kenzie with learning) is making sure she gets 'drilled' like i did in school. Remember flashcards? Timing your word/reading? All that is 'extra' and i can see that it could easily get pushed aside.... so i'll have to work on that.

We have a little school corner upstairs. I seriously was going to just have school at the table downstairs...but after talking to some of my friends...i decided to have a 'real' place for school. I am so glad i did that! (Thanks to Sylvia and Jenny Z.) :)
This little girl, madison, is a real 'trip' in the class room. we survive (try). Chalk boards or markers entertain her for a bit.... but not long enough. She usually ends up with a movie.
Here is kenzie's 100s chart? The little tiny monkeys climb each knot into the tree. It might be lame, but it's what she has right now. :) Each time she reaches the top, she gets a prize.
So that is our life right now. I am thankful for this extra one on one time with kenzie. I am thankful she is still home with me. BUT, sometimes i am jealous that i can't just send her off to school and let someone else deal with it all! :) I guess the lesson here is to embrace whatever school situation you are in -- there are blessings in everything! 

Incase you scroll down and read old posts. I was 2 yrs younger. Seriously. Excuse me for some of it. I read somewhere that jeff and i got up early and still smiled happily at eachother over coffee!! It was just soo, i don't know, gay? I'm scared to read any further. :)

Have a happy friday ~ Jennie


Audrey R
05/11/2013 10:05

I never saw this- it was fun to see a your classroom even though school is probably over now :) It would be great to have a room just for school- I would totally do it if we had an extra room. Kierra got a tiny corner of the dining room for school this past year.


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