I have come to the conclusion that there is no 'good' time or 'best' time to blog anymore. It used to be, a few years back,  that I could sit down (put the baby to bed or whatever) and just write whenever I felt like it... guilt free. Well, it's not so much that way, these days. The times I do feel like writing pass by rather quickly because there are always things/kids calling my name. There is always a house to clean and laundry to fold....dinner to fix. And then... when I finally get a minute, I just relax and catch my breath, instead of blogging. It's much more relaxing that way. :)

School has started with a bang this year... for me and the kids. We played hard all summer...putting school as far away from our minds as possible. All of a sudden I realized I MUST order school books or school would not even be happening for my little second grader at all. I was relieved to see the books arrive quickly and safely in the mail...Kenzie, not so much. :)

This week so far has gone wonderfully well. Altho if you ask the rest of my house, I am pretty much MIA from 9-noon. You will find me upstairs with the girls saying abc's and teaching math. I am surprisingly enjoying it. 

I of course, am kidding when I say this, but Sometimes I wonder if a kid even needs schooling with google around. I did not even realize this until tonight, but Kenzie has learned a crazy amount about animals just by googling facts with her kindle. Did you know that 7 out of like 10 deadliest snakes live in Australia? I don't know, just google it. (please don't google it, because I'm not even sure that I got the facts straight on what SHE said, but i'm too tired and lazy to look.) hahaha.

I learned a new trick that I hadn't tried before. Give the kids a job when they are fighting. Obviously it was a 'new' punishment because it worked awesome. My kids got along SO SO WELL this evening when they figured out that every time I caught them arguing  they got handed a job. :)

Well I am kinda just rambling here. Jeff is cozied up next to me, sleeping away. And I am just putting off going to sleep. (If I go to sleep the morning comes to quickly, of course!)

So many things a lady/wife/mother could be doing to keep peace, love and happiness in the home. May God help us.... everyone. Blessings to you this week!

p.s. here are a few pics from last weekend.
  ~kite festival~

miriam crisenbery
09/05/2013 04:34

Hi Jennie! Your girls are so pretty. I enjoyed your post. Keep writing things down. You won't regret it years down the road! :-) Hugs from your favorite aunt. hehehe.....

09/05/2013 04:36

I find it hard to make time to blog... well that, and my thoughts don't want to be corralled and written down. But I keep thinking that soon things should slow down a little. Actually, socially things are slower, but I have a million and one things to catch up on this month... and Kendall is going to be working long days, possibly even be gone overnight some.

Kenzie must be a good reader. I saw that she was making a cake or something yesterday. What curriculum do you use? I despair sometimes with Kierra with reading- not that she's not doing okay, but it doesn't come as naturally as I'd hoped. My expectations are probably way too high. I hope by the end of this year (she's in first grade) she can read fluently.


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