School is out, school is out! I think I am every bit as excited about this as MacKenzie is. :) It was a good school year, but I am so ready to have a break! Hopefully we'll both be ready to hit the books again in September.

Last week week we were telling Kenzie's Aunts and Grandma that her school days would soon be ending...and they started planning a field trip for the girls. :) Kenzie was beyond excited. And today was the day!  (Whoever had  'free' time went along -- this consisted my bro. Ben, 3 of my sisters, my mom, and my girls and I!) We ate our breakfast. Combed our hair. And away we went... 

We all really enjoyed it. A day to be remembered for sure.

*We took SO many pictures... more than what I will put on here, of course.
*We laughed until we almost cried. My stomach muscles hurt.
*Walked a lot.
*Ate hot dogs and brats
*Spent WAY too much money on souvenirs. (yes, I spelled souvenir right...I double and triple checked). :)

Kenzie with my sister Kathy....She is getting MARRIED next month!!! Yay, we are ALL super excited!! :)
And then we went to the candy store. Just one word... Wow.
Note: If you ever have a fun day like this or even a VACATION with just family or a weekend with lots of friends. Make sure to SCRAPBOOK the memories and pictures. You can do NEAT little books online. I scrapbooked our Florida Vacation 2012. And also another book on our time at the ZOO one day last spring.  The girls love looking thro these fun pages....and I do too. 

Well, since it was just Mother's Day yesterday.... I want to give a shout out to all Moms out there! Here is a picture of the girls that call me MOM. :)

05/13/2013 20:12

Days like this are so much fun!

The book idea is a good one. Never thought of just doing little books like that for the kids to page through.


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