While situations, encounters, or events may seem intrinsically "stressful," it is truly how an individual perceives and reacts to an event that determines whether or not the stress response is activated. - Charles W. Mayo, M.D.

Today is a lovely, rainy day. This morning my 2 sisters and me, (along with MacKenzie and Madison) did a little shopping. We bought wedding gifts for my 'other' sister....the one whom I already told you-- is getting married SOON! yay! :) It was fun. Hanging out with sisters is so FUN and yet relaxing at the same time.

This afternoon, Madison helped me pick lilacs. I put them in the kitchen, dining room, and in my bedroom. They smell SO good, and they are beautiful. It's amazing what God created for us to enjoy.  And enjoy them, I will!

I wanted to apologize for my out burst on my last post. :) Even if I don't understand certain situations that go on, and certain people.... I can still be a little bit more loving and forgiving. Satan is busy...but so is God! Thank you for your sympathy --- it made me feel better. Just want to say I am blessed and I know it! God has been good.

I made it to MO and back....the pictures turned out nice...but I missed 2 whole nights of sleep!! I was one tired girl when I got home. :)

Who knew it could be so good? Baked to perfection with just the right amount of butter and salt. Healthy and good.

Well.... If you saw how much wash that I need to fold yet today, you would be HORRIFIED.
So, I must get to that!


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