Jeff had to get up early to spread fertilizer....I got up too after I blinked the sleep out of my eyes..... and we talked and smiled together while he ate his breakfast. The sunrise was pretty.  
Early mornings. Today when I woke up, it brought back memories of when I was little. Happy little memories of just mom and me - early - before everyone else got up. :)

Today i am going shopping!! Excited! Kenzie is staying at grandma rose's and 'helping' with yard work. I am taking Madison, but at this point she is EASY peasy to take along! I need a bunch of house items and winter clothes for the girls..... but we are also doing more wedding shopping for Jeff's sis. Bring it on!!!

I am so proud. My little fam took christmas pics last night and i found/made the picture-card design myself. I ordered 100 pics for less than $20!! Go me! :) I love saving money in ways like that!!

Gotta get off here! Luv!
I had other plans for today.... but I woke up SICK. :( So now I'm just wasting the hours away in bed. Uggg.