Here is my little 1st grader. She is great. :) Homeschooling is going ok. One thing tho' that is tough for me (to help kenzie with learning) is making sure she gets 'drilled' like i did in school. Remember flashcards? Timing your word/reading? All that is 'extra' and i can see that it could easily get pushed aside.... so i'll have to work on that.

We have a little school corner upstairs. I seriously was going to just have school at the table downstairs...but after talking to some of my friends...i decided to have a 'real' place for school. I am so glad i did that! (Thanks to Sylvia and Jenny Z.) :)
This little girl, madison, is a real 'trip' in the class room. we survive (try). Chalk boards or markers entertain her for a bit.... but not long enough. She usually ends up with a movie.
Here is kenzie's 100s chart? The little tiny monkeys climb each knot into the tree. It might be lame, but it's what she has right now. :) Each time she reaches the top, she gets a prize.
So that is our life right now. I am thankful for this extra one on one time with kenzie. I am thankful she is still home with me. BUT, sometimes i am jealous that i can't just send her off to school and let someone else deal with it all! :) I guess the lesson here is to embrace whatever school situation you are in -- there are blessings in everything! 

Incase you scroll down and read old posts. I was 2 yrs younger. Seriously. Excuse me for some of it. I read somewhere that jeff and i got up early and still smiled happily at eachother over coffee!! It was just soo, i don't know, gay? I'm scared to read any further. :)

Have a happy friday ~ Jennie
Sometimes 'old' is the 'new and exciting'! You know.. like old toys that are stored away from the kids and then pulled out again means a whole afternoon of entertainment for them (if you are lucky)! Well, tonight i found this 'old' blog. So i'm trying it out again. I always was one to get bored quickly with my regular things and life. For example: 1) I paint often...making rooms change their looks. 2) I day dream. Yes, you read that right. At 28? Well, i got it from my mom. :) She was a dreamer too. 3) I'm not very sentimental...i pitch often. 4) When my husband decides to move/remodel once again, instead of becoming upset...i look forward to the change!  Altho...I must say. I hope this house takes him 'forever' to finish, because I wanna stay here always. Plus, he says our next move will be somewhere out of the country. Brazile was mentioned. Excuse me??

Anyways... I was bored with xanga. So i'm trying out a post on here again. It looks like the last time i posted was over a yr and 1/2 ago! It's a good thing i use the same password for almost, pretty much e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. :) Oterwise I woulda NEVER remembered how to get back on here.

School pictures coming up.... tomorrow. If your interested. It's just homeschool pics... not that exciting ... but it's what we are doing these days.

I'll be back!