Been thinking ALOT about relationships lately. I am blessed to have some very GOOD friends and relationships in my life........
But there are those that take work to make the relationship work. :) I really want to be the kind of person that gives up my ideas/things for the sake of others.....for the sake of a good relationship. The kind that forgives when mistreated. And I also want to be the kind of person that accepts others just as they are. Believe me this stuff is hard to do and sometimes I want to run away from it all.....lots of times I mess up.....but i keep trying. And maybe that is what matters the most?

Here's a shout out to my friends and family!
  *Do not think I did not notice the sweet card from my mom-in-law. it meant alot.
 *The kind words from my Dad, written to me in a little note then sent from his mailbox to mine...They were just what I needed. 
*Do not think I did not notice the cute onesies for Madison from a lady in my church. I can never get over how genuine and kind you are. Even if we dress different from eachother - you always look past my clothes to ME. You do not judge.
*And {{Marlea}} I felt loved when you made me those yummy cinn. rolls. And you even cared enough  to give me a beautiful Bible cover only because I wanted one.
 *Mom, I loved that you canned applesauce in 'little' jars, just for me
*And to another dear lady in my church, I loved that you were my prayer partner and stopped in last week just to give me a little friendship book. I like that I can be friends with you and you 'get' my humor even if you're twice my age.
*To all my FFE friends--- you will never know how much the cards, the words of affirmation meant to me the other week. Thank you so much.

I could go on....about the texts, the dried apples, the phone calls........... but I will just stop and say this:
It is rewarding to do your part at keeping those relationships in your life, good....Sometimes the blessings in doing this may seem few and far between....But they are there. Sometimes you can't even go on, but God gives strength, one day at a time. It may be that you can do nothing at all about a certain hard 'relationship'....but just pray. And that is all that is required of are doing your part! And God will take notice. 

 Been packing up this morning - getting ready to go on a little family get-away. So excited. Just ready to do nothing but RELAX for 2 days. :) Yeah, I know. We still got the kids - so not sure how much relaxation I'll actually be getting, but oh-well. Still fun. 
Well, I must go finish getting ready to go.......happy friday!
Ok, here is the post about the walk for life, but now my mind is feeling kinda blank....or tired. I just want to say it was wonderful seeing people all work together at making money for the the Pregnancy Center.

I was asked to take the pictures for this here are some of them.

There was a big tent set up with tables in it. People would bring things to sell. All kinds of things! Baskets of vegetables, flowers, blangets, quilts. A big huge doll house, books, anything, really! There were slips of paper beside each item and you would walk around write down your bid. If someone came along behind you and wrote a higher number down - than you had to decide if you wanted to keep bidding or not. The higher it went the better! Between, the Silent Auction, Church donations, and the Golf Tournament nearly $30,000.00 was made that weekend!!

Silent Auction
Checking out the Log Cabin doll house. Pretty neat!
This little boy with the broken did great at walking - broken leg and all!.
There was lots of time to stand around talking during the Silent Auction. There was little activities going on--- like face painting, frisbee, and things like that.

You could also go inside for coffee, hot chocolate, donuts, yogurt etc. It felt good to go inside every once in awhile because it was COLD that morning!

During the silent auction different little church groups or friends would walk together, some down the street, some around the football field.....after the auction everybody as a BIG GROUP walked together .....I really think everyone enjoyed themselves. 

At one point we all stood in a huge circle...most were holding candles as a small way to honor all the babies that died because of abortion... but the candles would NOT stay lit because of the wind. It is nice to think of all those dear little babies in's so happy there for them.

Cute, cute!
Well. I guess I'm done talking about the walk - but God is doing a wonderful work thro Care Net. 

Oh, I just want to say I updated a couple of the other pages/topics on this blog. Go check out the Easy Pumpkin Dessert recipe!  Let me know if you try it. :)

**Thanks for being my friends** xoxo
 wow. you guys found me. I was happily surprised at all the comments. words of affirmation are my 'thing' - so the comments made me feel all warm and fuzzy and glad that i started this blog. :) thanx you guys! i know it's easy just to read and not comment. i like that i don't have foot prints on here like xanga does. so you only have to comment
IF you want. :) no pressure whatsoever. awesomeness.

ok, here's the thing - i cant find a spell check on here....i am sorry but i tend to rely on either jeff or that to help me with my spelling. I'm missing both. For your sake and mine, I'll try to use only small, easy words. ;)

Today I want to write about Ethne. I first met her early last summer. She, among others, took the Care Net (Pregnancy Center) classes with me. Her dream was to be a 'mommy mentor' also. I really don't get to see her much at all. (I usually worked on Thursdays, she on Wednesdays. Now since Madison, I seldom do anything there, ever!) But ever since I met her, I can't forget her. And I always hope to see her again soon. She seems like such a genuine caring.... always sweet and showing Jesus. Smiles a lot. Thinks before she talks. So kind. I wish she was MY mentor. The other day, I stopped and let her cross the street---I am sure she did not see who I was---but she smiled and waved and looked SO pleasant and sweet. You just KNOW that Jesus shines thro her. I got a package in the mail soon after Madison was born. Beautiful, homemade bibs! 

I am sure we all have someone in our life that we admire and just by watching them, they unknowingly makes us want to be a better person. They encourage us by their actions. That's what Ethne did for me. Today I'm asking God to bless Ethne. I am thankful for people that are willing (with Jesus help) to look past their own problems and CARE for others. I remember that saying: We can do no great thing, only small things with great love. I want to BE that person...

Coming up NEXT.......... Pictures of the 'Walk For Life'. Every fall, the pregnancy center has a pro-life walk, a silent auction, golfing tournaments etc to help raise money for Care Net. Michelle needed and was praying for $30,000!!! Yes, that's a lot. The work of God is AMAZING----today her prayers were answered. I will write more in my next post....

Love you guys!
Sometimes in life you need a new start, a redo. A fresh page, a clean slate. A do over. So you turn over a new leaf. You forgive and ask to be forgiven. You love. You try harder. You feel good about yourself, again. You are happy.

Sometimes you lack a little bit of confidence in yourself. You feel just a tad outdated, frumpled. Sometimes you just need something small, like a new skirt or new shoes or some lip gloss to make you feel cute and confident again. :)

Sometimes if the living room (or any room) feels boring or old and you're just plum sick of it, all you need is to change it up a bit. Add new color with throw pillows. Maybe buy light, breezy, sheer curtains. Lite some new scented candles. Maybe just dust and clean! ;) It feels better now. Not so old...more inviting. And that's all it takes.

Well, I needed a new blog....I wore out xanga. I could not write anymore!! Seriously, many times I would try to post and couldn't. I had writers block...I guess. So I am trying something new, something different. And I feel good again. :) I can write! I'm excited to write. Yay! I hope you can enjoy this blog  too.

And if you'll be back again soon.... I plan to post about a beautiful lady on the inside and out. Her name is Ethne.

Sleep well, my friends.