While situations, encounters, or events may seem intrinsically "stressful," it is truly how an individual perceives and reacts to an event that determines whether or not the stress response is activated. - Charles W. Mayo, M.D.

Today is a lovely, rainy day. This morning my 2 sisters and me, (along with MacKenzie and Madison) did a little shopping. We bought wedding gifts for my 'other' sister....the one whom I already told you-- is getting married SOON! yay! :) It was fun. Hanging out with sisters is so FUN and yet relaxing at the same time.

This afternoon, Madison helped me pick lilacs. I put them in the kitchen, dining room, and in my bedroom. They smell SO good, and they are beautiful. It's amazing what God created for us to enjoy.  And enjoy them, I will!

I wanted to apologize for my out burst on my last post. :) Even if I don't understand certain situations that go on, and certain people.... I can still be a little bit more loving and forgiving. Satan is busy...but so is God! Thank you for your sympathy --- it made me feel better. Just want to say I am blessed and I know it! God has been good.

I made it to MO and back....the pictures turned out nice...but I missed 2 whole nights of sleep!! I was one tired girl when I got home. :)

Who knew it could be so good? Baked to perfection with just the right amount of butter and salt. Healthy and good.

Well.... If you saw how much wash that I need to fold yet today, you would be HORRIFIED.
So, I must get to that!

Well, seriously, I CANNOT sleep. And this is especially serious, since I will be getting up in literally 2 hours. Yes, I am driving (with my bro and sis) to MO to a wedding. Call me crazy. Jeff and the girls are NOT going. (I am helping my bro with the photography.) Please pray for me--- the driving/ the photography (thanking God for my bro).

Really, just pray about anything and everything! .If you got a quick minute. :)

'Cause, I need prayer in more ways than 1! Jeff and I are going thro some tough things. (Not with each other, Thank God!) Just a bit discouraged with stuff...wanting to hear God's direction...confused.

You've all been there, this I know!
Life is not perfect. I know this too. It's just sometimes too hard, or harder than I want it to be.. But thank God for friends that lift us up in prayer. :) And that Jesus is there interceding.

I read this tonight: http://www.proverbs31.org/devotions/dented-and-damaged-2013-05/#.UZ74LfxuLUI.facebook   
 I cried. You should read it too.
It was just so perfect for me tonight. So thankful God loves me.

And you know what....I'll be a little honest here....since it is so late and all. :) Someone from church told me tonight that I should be a proverbs 31 wife. I took it like a slap in the face. I thought i WAS! No wonder I can't sleep, right?. It hurt.

Truth hurts, i'm sure you are thinking. :) Well, it did. This person said more things...things we are processing still.... And with God's help make us better people for HIM.

But, I am trying my best. At least Jeff loves me, proverbs 31 or not.

And I can always try harder.

In other news--- since i'm still so wide awake! I spring cleaned my bedroom today. (I really should have been packing, since I STILL have to do that yet!) Oh, the stuff I found under the bed!! :)
See the 'J'? My dad cut the book into the letter J. I am SO pleased. :)
It feels good to have a clean room! :)

I better go pack now, huh??
Sundays have always been the highlight of the week for the girls and I. For one thing, we get to hang out with Jeff - all.day.long. We usually think of something fun to do all together...even in the winter time. We do normal things like movies and popcorn or games at my parents - and we do things not quite so normal, like the indoor water park or a trip to the mall (they have an awesome play area for kids). But ever since it has warmed up enough to hang out together out doors, we have welcomed the new activities with gusto. So far we have done lots of biking and walking. We also went to Irvine park... the park with monkeys, tigers and bears. :) 
(Lots of pictures coming up...these were taken on my trusty phone)
Jeff or I would usually end up carrying the 3 year old's bike when she got tired out....  we looked something like this:
So he made a bike handle that looks like this:
(We can take it off or put it on quickly and easily; AND it works great! Madison can rest her legs on the go! Everybody's happy.)
Looking through the fence at Irvine Park. ^^^
Below: Kenzie hiding her smile. :)
Well, I really should stop posting pictures of Sundays .... I have too many! :)

I am enjoying this weather, that is for sure! We got a few huge rain storms in the last couple of days. Loving the rain here but am praying for the ones who went through that devastating tornado in Oklahoma. :(
Last week, I went to the little country greenhouse and bought flowers.  I want to go back sometime to buy peppers and tomato plants...but for now I will just enjoy the flowers. I think they are bringing the humming birds to our front porch... and I am happy about that....I just need to fill their feeder. :)
One of Kenzie's fat fuzzy cats  enjoying a nap.

Bye until later! Have a happy Tuesday!
School is out, school is out! I think I am every bit as excited about this as MacKenzie is. :) It was a good school year, but I am so ready to have a break! Hopefully we'll both be ready to hit the books again in September.

Last week week we were telling Kenzie's Aunts and Grandma that her school days would soon be ending...and they started planning a field trip for the girls. :) Kenzie was beyond excited. And today was the day!  (Whoever had  'free' time went along -- this consisted my bro. Ben, 3 of my sisters, my mom, and my girls and I!) We ate our breakfast. Combed our hair. And away we went... 

We all really enjoyed it. A day to be remembered for sure.

*We took SO many pictures... more than what I will put on here, of course.
*We laughed until we almost cried. My stomach muscles hurt.
*Walked a lot.
*Ate hot dogs and brats
*Spent WAY too much money on souvenirs. (yes, I spelled souvenir right...I double and triple checked). :)

Kenzie with my sister Kathy....She is getting MARRIED next month!!! Yay, we are ALL super excited!! :)
And then we went to the candy store. Just one word... Wow.
Note: If you ever have a fun day like this or even a VACATION with just family or a weekend with lots of friends. Make sure to SCRAPBOOK the memories and pictures. You can do NEAT little books online. I scrapbooked our Florida Vacation 2012. And also another book on our time at the ZOO one day last spring.  The girls love looking thro these fun pages....and I do too. 

Well, since it was just Mother's Day yesterday.... I want to give a shout out to all Moms out there! Here is a picture of the girls that call me MOM. :)
I suppose we have all written a journal... sometime or other in our life. Maybe as a teen we would write to sort our thoughts. Maybe as a mother we would scratch down things in a baby book or on paper so we wouldn't forget the cute things are child did or said. I would even say scrapbooking is a kind of a journal.
Perhaps that is why some of us blog. We like to write, we like to keep record of certain things and certain dates.

I am/was in a blogging funk. For an half a year or more I did not know why I blog. Could not even think what to write. What was the point of writing, of sharing. It all kind of depressed me.

And in my case, I did not even know WHERE to write. Yes, I have a blog here AND also on Xanga. So I find myself hopping back and fourth writing a little here and a little there. Confusing? A little.

Yesterday I was reading a little from those writings/blogs of the past...and I realized again why it's SO good to record. I forget SO EASILY those good things. In the busy-ness of life, and in the harder more stressful times we forget that EVERY day has blessings. Small things and sometimes even BIG things happen to us in the middle of the day...things to take note of and be ever so thankful for in our hearts.

When I was 'back' reading, I was like -
OH yeah, that DID happen, didn't it? And WOW... my girls have changed so much. And the kitchen used to be that color? And so on and so on! :) And then I KNEW that I wanted to 'journal' again and record life. Sometimes the good comes with the bad...such is life. But I want to look back and REMEMBER. I want to live fully and write about it... thus making a way to help me remember!

So here is to my journaling! I am not a 'professional blogger' and sometimes I can hardly get my thoughts out on paper and formed into words...but with God's grace I will try to record the blessings that He has given me...the things (and people) that He has meant for me to enjoy.