One thing I love about our marriage is the belief that Jeff has for me. Especially since I can be so unsure of myself in almost any and every area.

And there is Jeff always believing the best of me and loving me:

*Never doubting my mothering skills. Always cheering me on. Telling me I am good at mothering. And he sees my mess up...he hears my yelling.

*My cooking sometimes has much to be desired and sometimes it actually is good. But good or bad, Jeff is positive that it tastes mostly good. :)

*Sometimes (and even a lot of times) my house is messy. Things are cluttered. As a perfectionists, does he judge me? Not a bit. Bless him.

*When friendships come hard or something mean was said, he knows just what to say to give me confidence in myself again. He lets me know that I DO have something to offer others. 

*Does he actually forget about all my whining? He must somehow forget my bad attitudes and depressing days. How else can he say over and over that he loves my personality?

*Flaws in my body do not seem to bother him. He makes me feel beautiful even when I feel ugly.  

Belief in your partner is a good thing. Security in marriage is priceless. Thank you God, for Jeff.

I am AMAZED at how OFTEN forgiveness is shown to me in my marriage.
The 'willing' forgiveness. No punishing me for a day with silence. No scolding or telling me just what I deserve. Just plain solid love, loaded with forgiveness. 
I'm sorry for those mean things I said. I always say I will do better...but.....will your forgiveness ever run out before I get it right?
And how well I know that words can HURT...I SHOULD know this because 'words of affirmation' is my love language.
I LOVE YOU, BABE......more than you know. 
I learn so much about how a good marriage is supposed to work from you. I don't deserve a man like you.
I find it so interesting how each man has a totally different way of helping around the house. Some men babysit while the wife cleans. Some men make breakfast for mother's day or ANY other day for that matter. Some men make the bed in the morning. Some men dress the kids for church.

 My Dad helped with the cleaning sometimes. That was always fun! He made supper sometimes too (french fries and fish sticks). We loved it.

My brother-in-law, Marshall, can make breakfast. Good breakfast like egg casserole! He also dresses the kids and changes diapers at times.

Lately at a friend of ours helped his girl by making a big breakfast of eggs, toast, bacon, and coffee for Jeff and I.

My husband makes the bed almost every morning. He also babysits sometimes while I clean.
To me it is not so much WHAT the husband is reason he does it. He does it because he loves his wife. :)

What does your hubby do for you? Did you thank him lately?
Sometimes in my marriage I am totally surprised at how little things can matter so much. It may just be teeny tiny thing that your hubs does for you (or you do for him), but it makes all the differance in the world.

There are MANY examples of this, we all have them in our marriage. Maybe it's just a wink from across a crowded room that gives you happy shivers, maybe it's an I LOVE U scrawled across a fogged up bathroom mirror that makes you smile, or maybe it's a cup of coffee made just for you.... but this thing totally made your day. 

Here is something that happened to me the other day. I woke up grouchy, sad, mad, get the picture. Not  pretty. Tried to send Jeff lovingly off to work but it wasn't going the greatest. He left. I was still grouchy and sad. My day ahead felt ROTTEN.

About 15 minutes later Jeff walked in and opened his arms and said something like "I came back to give you one more hug" Then he wrapped his big arms around me, and my day looked instantly brighter.

He had to run to the hardware store on the way to work....and he swung around passed our house again on his way out of town. It was just a hug. But he took the time.

Do I take the time to do the little things for the people I love?


    I have married this most wonderful man. He's the love of my life. But marriage takes work. And I want to share with you our ups and downs. Our joys and struggles. Giving and taking...meeting in the middle. Working together in a marriage is a million times worth it.


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